If Not Now, When?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love stationery and checklists. I rarely go shopping without buying a new notebook from Wilkos! I’m obsessed with being organised. There’s no better feeling than writing a list and ticking it all off. I’m one of those people that if I do something that isn’t even on my list I purposely write it down and tick it off! (It must be the perfectionist in me!)

When 2018 started I wrote a list of resolutions that I wanted to achieve. And I’ve stuck them in my diary so I am reminded of what they are everyday. I made a promise to myself to achieve all of them by 2019! Some are generic like be happy, but some are more challenging! And I’m pleased to say that after 4 months I’ve finally ticked off my first New Year’s resolution! I’ve bought a car! Not just any car, my dream Fiat!!! (I did want a Fiat 500 but when comparing it to the panda I went for the panda instead!). I’m so happy. I’ve worked really hard and now I’ve got my perfect Perrie panda! (My cars nickname lol).

I’ve also entered a few races starting in May! In all honesty I’m not that fit. Training has improved and I’ve been far more consistent over the past couple of weeks, which is a huge positive. I simply need to just keep putting in the hard work, day in day out now which will take time. But I thought I’ve got to start somewhere in terms of racing. And I want to start challenging myself and give my training some purpose. My first race is 10km, which I’ve never raced before. I don’t know how fast I can run it but all I need to do is finish it and it’ll be a PB! YAY! That will mean another resolution can be ticked off! Technically I suppose it’s a grey area if it counts as a PB. But I’m going to take it nonetheless!

It’s important to stay focused on what you want out of life no matter how realistic or dream like that might be. Life is short and time waits for no one! So if not now, when?

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