Back To The Future

The first month and a bit of the new year has been full of delightful surprises! I feel like my life has changed again in such a small amount of time it’s cray cray! But wow I’m loving 2018! So where to begin? I’ll start with the best news I could possibly wish for. At the beginning of January I received a phone call from my haematology Doctor who informed me that I can officially come off my medication for my blood clots! YAY! No more setting my 5pm alarm every day to remind me to take my tablet and have a snack (My daily snack I’ll keep going though, I’ll miss eating my packet of crisps lol). At first I was buzzing, I felt free and that I was finally getting better! But soon enough paranoia kicked in. I was scared that all that was stopping me from developing another clot now, is my compression sock. I never want to go through that pain and stress ever again. The medication kept my mind at rest that I couldn’t possibly develop any more blood clots. But now I’m off of the meds. It’s vital that I keep my health and mental wellbeing as positive and healthy as can be. I’m ensuring I drink about 2 litres a day so I’m always hydrated and I’m having some me time in-between my busy schedule of full time work and training. I don’t want to feel burnt out again or mentally exhausted. By taking all these precautions I feel the little paranoid thought of getting anymore blood clots have subsided. Now I’m feeling really excited about my future plans and goals. I’m using the past heartbreak and pain to spur me on and I’m more determined to achieve success in every aspect of my life.

Once I got the all clear to stop taking my meds. I decided now’s the time to start upping my training. I mean there’s nothing holding me back anymore, so why not?! Like an excitable child on Christmas Day, I upped my training. Unfortunately my sensible head was away on holiday that week and I ran with my heart. I tried to run the highest mileage week since pre clot (It was nothing special but I was aiming for 30 miles) and I was also attempting to fit in three faster sessions (I’d only done a handful of faster sessions during my recovery), it actually gets worse….. I also wanted one of those said faster sessions to be completed on the track, which I haven’t stepped foot on since August last year (I’m face palming at my stupidity). As you can predict when I was hitting the back straight of the track on the forth 800m rep, my (“good”) calf completely pulled up. I hobbled back and it was in that moment that my brain came back off vaycay and I realised that I’d totally overdone it. I was gutted for a day. But the new positive thinking Mel kicked in. I took a step back and reflected on what I want to achieve and how I could realistically go about achieving it. So I made some decisions about my athletics. From the whole clot experience I’ve realised that I’m happy simply just putting one foot in front of another. But if I keep getting injured then I’m not going to be able to do what makes me happiest of all. I need to eliminate the injury risks. I’ve decided, for this year anyway, to step away from the track and focus on the road, and depending on my health, aim for a cross country season. I’ll try racing longer distances like 10km and maybe even a half marathon (if I’m brave/fit enough!). This break from track isn’t a permanent decision. I feel like I need to get stronger physically (It’s a good job I now work in a gym) before I can wear spikes and hit top speed. I’ll be racing distances and on a surface that I’m not experienced in, it’s a brand new challenge. I can set myself new PB’s and targets. I’m so excited! This decision also helped me make another one! I’ve joined my old athletics club! I’m back home at Milton Keynes. It’s where my heart is and where the best memories I have of the sport I love are. I can’t wait to start racing for them again! And of course me being me, I do have my eye on some club records lol! Sometimes in life you just have to go back to where you came from. Change is good sometimes as it keeps things fresh and helps to make you focus on what you want out of life.

I feel like a new person and that a weight lifted off of my shoulders when 2017 ended. All the negative energy of the past year vanished as soon as 2018 started. I’ve started the year surrounded by my amazing and supportive family, friends and boyfriend (another surprise 2018 brought me lol). I’ve actually got running goals and planned races for the summer! There is so much more to look forward to, I’d probably bore you if I was to list them all. But for now I’m going to keep working hard and let’s hope this fab start to the year continues!

One thought on “Back To The Future

  • Melanie, your an inspiration. I admire how strong, mentally and physically you must be to be able to have gone through all this, and still smile so soon after. Your story is what it means to have will-power. I want to take what you have taught me from reading this and apply it to my own life. To better my own mind and embodiment of who I am and to change who I am perceived as. I look forward to reading your future posts. Thank you.


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