Full Circle

Another day off work spent at the hospital. It seems like it’s the norm now to work, then when I have a day off I treat myself by going to the Doctors or hospital. I spend so much of my spare time at my local Doctors I’m bffs with the receptionists. But this hospital visit is different. I’m finally getting my answers. Why did I get my blood clots? It’s the day of my haematology appointment. I’m sat in the waiting room and like déjà vu I’m the youngest in there by about 30 years. Because of the snow the Doctor is late. So I’m sat drinking a lush cup of tea that the receptionist made me, whilst listening to Elvis Presley on the radio. I can’t help but smile as Elvis was my Nan’s favourite. I automatically feel more relaxed.

The appointment was pretty simple. I just had to explain what happened and my life story. I almost felt like saying “Just read my blog love, it explains everything!” I continue to recite my first blog to her, whilst my mum added in about my family history of blood clots. 15 minutes of talking and getting checked over. The conclusions were in (drum roll please). There were three causes. The main one being the pill. As soon as I discovered I had the clots back in September I had to come off the pill straight away. I had been on it for about 8 years and stupidly I didn’t use it correctly. I was very good at “forgetting to take a break” sometimes I went 40 odd days without stopping! (Insert monkey covering eyes emoji here!). The second reason was hereditary. I shouldn’t have even been put on the pill in first place because of my family history with blood clots! Then lastly it was dehydration. This doesn’t surprise me. I neglected my health when I was trying to complete my Uni degree. Then spent a large amount of time sobbing about certain life events after I graduated but I still carried on trying to force myself to train when honestly I wasn’t physically or mentally capable of pushing myself. I was far too stubborn to stop running. Looking back now I was so stressed, I’m not surprised my health went downhill.

My appointment finished at 10 am. I looked at my mum we were both thinking the same thing. “Let’s go and get that McDonalds breakfast.” It sounds silly but I actually got emosh eating my double sausage and egg mcmuffin. It was like I’d done a full circle. I couldn’t help reflect on what a journey this year has been. But I’ve come through it a stronger and wiser person.

So what now? Well, I have to continue my meds for a little bit longer. I have to be careful if I go on a long haul flight, potentially having to have injections in my legs before my travels. If I’m lucky enough to jet off on holiday anywhere. Also, not that I’m planning to pop one out anytime soon but I’d have to take medication if I ever get preggers. The clots are still there as they take such a long time to go! Basically, it’s simply something that I’ll have to monitor and be aware of for the rest of my life. I’ll continue to spend my days off at the Doctors until at least February. This week I’m having an ECG to check my innocent heart murmur. As my heart rate is quite low at the moment! (Running against the heart murmur doesn’t have the same ring to it!) But hopefully that is nothing to worry about. Maybe it’s me getting some kind of fitness back (I can dream lol). Getting closure on my clots has made me feel like I can really push on with my life and training. I’m feeling positive and more determined than ever. So let’s do this!

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